Promotional Material

New promotional materials available Check out our collection of project resources and promotional material on the VRinHE website: All materials are available for free download and can be used to education about the project.

Ready: Result 2 – Training Package

Result 2: The VRinHE Training Package is online The project team is happy to present the project’s second result, the VRinHE Training Package: Find lesson plans and training materials for 7 different modules about VR and AR in Higher Education.

Rhodes review

Learning, Teaching and Training Event in Rhodes: a review The Learning Teaching Training Activity of the VRinHE project is history and trainees are now preparing to share their knowledge with research and teaching personnel from Higher Education Institutions in their coutries. Check out what they had to say about their experience in Rhodes, Greece.

Training in Rhodes – Day 3

Training in Rhodes – Day 3 The third and final day of training course in Rhodos City from the VRinHE project was another interesting day for our participants. The day’s challenge was to create scenarios for Higher Education where VR and AR can be applied. There where many great and interesting ideas to use VR/AR … Read more

Training in Rhodes – Day 2

Training in Rhodes – Day 2 The second day of the international Learning, Teaching and Training Activity in Rhodes was all about the integration of VR in education, VR devices, Virtual Reality Learning Environments and Scenarios, Mozilla Hubs and methodologies for implementing VR/AR technologies. The participants also ghad a chance to test VR equipement and … Read more

Training in Rhodes – Day 1

Training in Rhodes – Day 1 The Learning, Teaching and Training Activity in Rhodes, Greece, is finally happening. All participants have arrived and have successly completed their first day of training. Day 1 was all about about Augmented and Virtual Reality and how it can be used in Higher Education.

Second Partner Meeting

Second Partner Meeting On Monday, April 24th 2023, the second transnational project partner meeting took place in the premises of University of the Aegean in Rhodes, Greece. Representatives from all partners of the VRinHE project coordinated their actions towards the upcoming deliverables, such as the MOOC and the reporting of policy guidelines. They also checked … Read more

VRinHE eToolkit – part of Result 1

Result 1: VRinHE eToolkit The VRinHE eToolkit is the third part of the project Result 1. It is a comprehensive online database featuring an overview of a wide variety of VR and AR applications, devices, games, projects, tools, and simulations that could be used in Higher Education settings: