Familiarising academics and trainers with the VRinHE eLearning platform

Familiarising academics and trainers with our eLearning platform

On the 6th of December 2023 and 9th of January 2024, members of the HE staff, academics, PhD students and VET trainers were introduced to the eLearning
platform and MOOC, produced as part of our project.

Participants had the opportunity to explore the six self-paced modules and provide their feedback. As the end users of the deliverable, they positively commented on the final result. They could easily navigate the modules and follow the content, which is, according to them, well written, structured and targeted. The learning scenarios, examples and videos included in the modules, as well as the opportunity to assess the knowledge acquired via short quizzes were elements well appreciated by the participants. The MOOC can be used as a starting point for their professional development and alignment of their teaching practices with the new technologies.

If you are interested in learning about VR/AR technologies at your own time and pace, you can register for free and follow the self-paced course here: