Result 1: Cumulative Report

Cumulative Report

The report aims to present the pedagogical framework of VR/AR applications in Higher Education in the project's five partner countries and in the European Union. The framework, obtained through a systematic literature review focuses on several practical aspects such as methods, objectives, tools, and strategies used for implementing VR/AR teaching in the field of Higher Education, that may prove helpful for Higher Education leaders and faculty members interested in integrating them in their curricula. The report also provides the theoretical background on VR/AR/XR terms, as well as the current policy framework regarding VR/AR in the partner countries and the EU. Additionally, it includes the findings in regards to VR/AR readiness of a survey among150+ Higher Education leaders, faculty, staff, and students from the partner countries. Lastly, the report includes best practice examples from each partner country, from the in EU and the rest of the world, which demostrate the wide range of applicability of these technologies in Higher Education.