Introducing the planned project results

Introducing the planned project results

The VRinHE project will produce the following four project results during the course of the project runtime:

VRinHE Toolkit

Toolkit for integrating VR/AR in teaching in Higher Education
The objective of the toolkit is to support Higher Education inctructors to develop, design and implement effective VR/AR practices in their teaching. The report and the toolkit items aim to provide stakeholders from Higher Education sector with the necessary pedagogical framework, with good practices and with the tools to achieve that.

VRinHE Training Package

The VRinHE VR/AR training package offers 7 informative modules for academics and learning designers.
Lesson plans and training materials are available for each module.

VRinHE e-learning platform

Integrated VRinHE e-learning platform
This e-learning MOOC platform features 6 modules on the use of VR/AR in higher education institutions.

VRinHE Guidelines

Policy and practice guidelines for HE institutions
Introducing guidelines, lessons learned, findings and recommendations from all partner countries in the form of an international policy paper.