VRinHE Training Package: Testing in Austria

Testing the eLearning platform in Austria

At the end of November, the Austrian partner ENTER hosted a testing session for the second VRinHE project result, the VRinHE training package. VR technology in general was also presented as part of this testing opportunity.
The three trainers trained in the VRinHE event in Rhodes last April guided the participants through the programme and presented the project, its objectives and results to them. The the training package and its seven modules were explained and discussed in more detail. A special focus was put on Module 7: Methodology for implementing VR/AR technologies - step by step.
The participants were also given the opportunity to try out the VR technology for themselves. The trainers were available to actively support the participants, helping them with the hardware and the software applications and answered their questions about the use of VR technology in higher education.